How many different Voltron shows are there?

Animated series Voltron (1984–1985) Voltron: The Third Dimension (1998–2000) Voltron Force (2011–2012) Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016–2018)
Television special(s) Voltron: Fleet of Doom (1986)

Is Voltron: Legendary Defender over?

Contrary to internet rumors and opinion Voltron: Legendary Defender won’t be returning for a ninth season on Netflix anytime soon.

How many Voltron episodes are there?

78Voltron: Legendary Defender / Number of episodes

Who was Voltrons nemesis?

The Drule Empire are the main enemies of the Voltron Lion and Vehicle Teams, ruled by Emperor Zeppo. They are at war with the Galaxy Alliance. Most of them are humanoids with light purple skin and red eyes.

What was Voltron called in Japan?

While the original property Voltron was based on was King of Beasts: Golion, the Japanese dub of Voltron Legendary Defender is called ヴォルトロン (Voltron).

Is there a white lion in Voltron?

The White Lion (who was known as the Guardian) was the mysterious guardian spirit of the mystical realm of Oriande. It stands watch over the entrance – suitably located within a white hole – ready to attack anybody who dares to approach, except for those with ‘The Mark of the Chosen’.

Who does Keith marry in Voltron?


Keith Kogane became a fugitive by the Galaxy Alliance after Voltron was decommissioned. He eventually retires as Black Paladin to marry Allura and become her king consort.

Who married Lance Voltron?

Princess Allura

Princess Allura
Occupation Blue Paladin (formerly) Princess of Altea (formerly) Queen of Arus (Voltron Force) Pilot of the Castleship (formerly)
Family King Alfor (father) Queen Melenor (mother)
Spouse Prince Lotor (Voltron Force)
Significant others Lance (Legendary Defender) Prince Lotor (formerly, Legendary Defender)

What episode does pidge and Keith kiss?

Taking Flight is the sixth episode of Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Who did Shiro marry?

In the seventh season, the Voltron force arrives back on Earth and Shiro becomes the captain of the Atlas, a Garrison battleship. At the conclusion of the eighth season, several years after Hagar’s defeat, Shiro retires, marrying Curtis, a Garrison soldier.

What do Voltron say when forming?

Form arms and torso! And I’ll form the head!”

Is Keith A Galra?

Keith is known to possess Galra heritage, as evidenced by his Galra knife (which he has possessed since early childhood) activating after passing the Trials of Marmora.

What is Lance’s last name Voltron?

Lance Charles McClain
Lance Charles McClain, known as Isamu “Moody” Kurogane (黒鋼 “お天気屋” 勇, Kurogane “Otenkiya” Isamu) in the original Japanese language Beast King GoLion, is a fictional character in the media franchise Voltron and a member of the Voltron Force, who made his first appearance in Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

Who is Keith’s love interest?

When Keith returns to the team in later in the season, Lance is the one who makes a big deal of his return and his physical appearance. Remembering that Keith is the protagonist and Lance is the character who’s always most affected by his presence, it’s starting to become clear that Lance is Keith’s romantic interest.

Did Keith kiss Lance?

You’re cute.” Keith looked away, embarrassed, but Lance pulled his face to him with a finger. “So are you.” Lance said, taking a moment to work up the courage, before pushing their lips together. Keith immediately kissed back, pushing himself on top of Lance completely.

What episode did Keith kiss Lance?

Who did Keith marry in Voltron?

What is Voltrons sword called?

The Galra are known for their purple skin or fur and yellow eyes, the same style The Blade of Marmora uses in their outfits.

Do the Lions in Voltron have names?

The five Lions are the Black Lion, the Red Lion, the Blue Lion, the Green Lion, and the Yellow Lion. They were piloted by Shiro, Keith, Lance, Allura, Pidge, and Hunk respectively.

Why is Keith’s hand purple?

Keith is discovered and battles the druid, but is injured when the druid’s dark magic lightning burns his right hand, turning it purple.

Who is Keith’s wife Voltron?

Keith Kogane became a fugitive by the Galaxy Alliance after Voltron was decommissioned. He eventually retires as Black Paladin to marry Allura and become her king consort.

What is the most popular Voltron ship?

Klance never got explicit confirmation onscreen, but it’s been one of the most popular ships in pop culture over the past couple of years due to the overwhelming evidence in the show that supports this ship.

Why is Shiro’s hair white?

Why Shiro’s Hair Is White. Why does Shiro have a streak of white hair? According to Shiro’s own hand written notes, it’s because of stress. In his own words, “Stress can do some pretty terrible things.”

Does Keith Call Krolia mom?

Keith calls Krolia “Mom.”

Is Keith half Galra?

After he was revealed to be half Galra in season two, Keith joined the Blade of Marmora, a society of Galra who work against the Empire, and eventually left Voltron.