How many 3s Does Ray Allen have?

All-Time Leaderboard: 3-Pointers Made

1. Stephen Curry 2,977 789
2. Ray Allen 2,973 1,300
3. Reggie Miller 2,560 1,389

What is Ray Allen’s career high points?

On April 12, 2001, Allen scored a career-high 43 points on a career-high eight 3-pointers to help take down the Utah Jazz, 115-93, and push the Bucks to the 50-win mark for the first time in 14 years. The victory secured the No.

Who is the all time 3 point shooter?

1 Stephen Curry 7290
2 Ray Allen 7429
3 James Harden 7176
4 Reggie Miller 6486

How many points did Ray Allen average on the Heat?

Ray Allen averaged 10.1 points, 2.8 rebounds and 1.8 assists in 142 games for the Heat with LeBron James in his career.

How many 3s has Shaq made?

In case you were wondering – Shaq attempted 22 three pointers over the course of his entire career.

Who holds the record for most 3-pointers in a game?

Klay Thompson has sunk the most threes in a game, with 14 three-pointers against the Bulls on October 29, 2018.

Whats the most 3s Ray Allen made in a game?

Ray Allen drained his most threes in a game against the Hornets on April 14, 2002, with 10 three-pointers.

Who’s Better Ray Allen or Klay Thompson?

If you compare the major stats of the two in their respective primes, Klay only leads Allen in field goal and 3-point percentage. Other than that, Ray Allen is ahead of Klay in almost every category. But you could make a point that for most of his career, Allen plays as the number one option.

Who is the best pure shooter in NBA history?

Steph Curry becomes greatest NBA shooter of all time

  • Reggie Miller: 2,560.
  • James Harden: 2,509.
  • Kyle Korver: 2,450.

When did Ray Allen break the 3-point record?

At present, he broke the record on Dec. 14, 2021, and holds the record with 3065 made 3-point shots as of this writing. Today also marks the anniversary of the birth of the founder of the Celtics Walter A. Brown, born this day in 1905 in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Who has the most 3 points in a game?

Klay Thompson shatters record for most 3-pointers in a game.

Who made the first NBA 3 pointer?

Chris Ford

Three years later in June 1979, the NBA adopted the three-point line (initially on a one-year trial) for the 1979–80 season, despite the view of many that it was a gimmick. Chris Ford of the Boston Celtics is credited with making the first three-point shot in NBA history on October 12, 1979.

Who has the 2nd most 3-pointers in the NBA?

Ray Allen has hit the 2nd most career threes, with 2,973 three-pointers.

Who has the most 3-pointers in a row?

Stats to know from Stephen Curry’s NBA record 158-game 3-pointer streak.

Where does Klay Thompson rank All time 3 pointers?


Rank Player 3P
18. Klay Thompson 1912
19. Paul George 1852
20. Chauncey Billups 1830
21. Kobe Bryant* 1827

Was Ray Allen a good defender?

Ray Allen was a great shooter but for most of his career he was a poor defender. When Allen played for the Celtics with stronger defenders like Kevin Garnett, he provided more serviceable defense especially in the playoffs. But both before and after his days in Boston, Ray Allen was weak defensively.

Who is the greatest point guard of all time?

Greatest point guards of all time

  • 8) Jason Kidd.
  • 7) Steve Nash.
  • 6) Chris Paul.
  • 5) John Stockton.
  • 4) Oscar Robertson.
  • 3) Isiah Thomas.
  • 2) Stephen Curry.
  • 1) Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson is the first name that pops into everybody’s head when the “best PG ever” conversation comes up, and for a good reason.

Who is the best free throw shooter of all time?

Karl Malone holds the record for most free throws scored in career: 9,787 free throws. Malone also holds the record for attempts, with 13,188 free throws attempted with a percentage of 74.20%.

When did Steph Curry break the all time 3-point record?

The current streak began on Dec. 1, 2018. Stephen Curry has become the first player in NBA history to hit 3,000 career threes. He has hit at least one three-pointer in 157 consecutive games, matching his own NBA-record streak.

How many players scored 70 points?

six players
This feat has been accomplished 80 times in NBA history. Thirty-two players have scored 60 or more points in a game, while just six players have joined the 70 point club.

Can you dunk a 3-pointer?

YES! The shot will count as long as your feet were not on the line prior to releasing the basketball. Your feet need to be behind the line when shooting the basketball but can end over the line.

Who’s the greatest shooter of all time?

There is no denying that Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter of all time. As of now, this great player holds the record for most 3-point conversions in a season with 402.

How long did Ray Allen hold 3-point record?

Allen is widely considered to be one of the greatest three-point shooters of all-time, and he held the record for most three-pointers made in a career until 2021, when he was surpassed by Stephen Curry.

Walter Ray Allen Jr.

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2007–2012 Boston Celtics
2012–2014 Miami Heat
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Who has the most 3-pointers in a single game?

What is Klay Thompson defensive rating?

Klay Thompson has a defensive rating of 108.2 in his career.