How long is Green Drive Lytham?

6,305 yards

Don’t be fooled by its apparent lack of length, at 6,305 yards it is indeed short by modern standards, but very small, well bunkered greens provide a more than adequate test.

Where is the entrance to Witch Wood Lytham?

The entrance is not far from Lytham Hall main gate. Behind the railway station as you go over the bridge towards the hall, look left after the lines. You will see a little gap in the wall with a pathway, here is where you go in.

How long is Witch Wood Lytham?

1 Mile Witchwood Walk
Hundreds of walkers enjoy the wood each week, but did you know that it’s run entirely by volunteers and has no public funding?

What is Lytham famous for?

The Renowned Peaceful Town
Lytham Saint Annes is internationally known for its four golf courses and links. The most renown is the Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club, one of the host courses for the Open Championship, or the famous “British Open”, which started since first hosting the Open in 1926.

Is Lytham the same as Lytham St Annes?

The official name for the town is Lytham St Annes, but there are three distinct bits to it. St Annes on Sea, Ansdell and Fairhaven, and Lytham. All have their own identities and grew up as separate towns.

Is St Annes nicer than Lytham?

St Anne’s is nice but town centre a bit run down, Lytham is much more upmarket with nice bars and cafes and nice shops. Less touristy too and has lovely parks and all the amenities without the arcades. St Anne’s front can get packed in summer whereas Lytham whilst busy is nice.

Is Lytham St Annes posh?

Lytham is a seaside resort often described as one of the most prestigious places in Lancashire.

What is the difference between Lytham and Lytham St Annes?

St Anne’s is a small but bustling resort with a pier, a padding pool and a bandstand: a fully-fledged slice of seaside life. Lytham is an even smaller residential town fronting the estuary of the River Ribble, rather than the sea, with the street lights of Southport twinkling comfortingly across the water.

Why is the sea so far out at St Annes?

Because it’s so flat, there can be a mile of beach between the points of low and high tide. The sea comes in very quickly, forming sandbanks and channels which can cause stranding. There’s a very real risk to life so don’t go out too far or put yourself in danger.

Is Lytham nicer than St Annes?

Are Lytham and Lytham St Annes the same place?