How does swimming pool plumbing work?

Pool plumbing are the pipes that are buried underground, connecting the pool with the filter equipment. The suction lines, skimmer and main drain, are two pipes that connect into the pool pump, via a 3-way valve. The return line is the pipe that carries water from the pool filter, back to the wall return inlets.

What size pipe should I use for my pool plumbing?

Rigid PVC pipe being used to plumb a pool should be a minimum Schedule 40 which is the standard for pool plumbing pipe. Pipe that is 2″ in diameter can hold pressure of 166 PSI.

Where does the main drain go in a pool?

The main drain is the primary way that water is drawn from your pool into the pump and filter. The main drain is located on the bottom of the pool in the deepest part. Most pools have one, but larger pools may have multiple main drains.

What are the 3 valves on a pool pump?

And the next type of valve is called a three-way valve it’s very similar to a two-way valve. Only this one gives you a little more flexibility a three-way valve has one inlet and two outlets.

How many main drains should a pool have?

two main drains

Even more importantly, it mandated that all public pools and newly built residential pools should have two main drains at least three feet apart.

What are the two drains at the bottom of my pool?

Swimming pool main drains are one of two mechanisms used in many pools to circulate and filter their water, the other being skimmers. Skimmers sit near a swimming pool’s waterline, taking in water via gravity and letting it flow down to the filter. Main drains in swimming pools sit in their lowest points.

What size PVC is used for pool plumbing?

What Size Pool PVC Pipe do I Have? Inground pools are typically plumbed with either 1.5” or 2.0” PVC pipe. If you can find the markings on a pipe, and still read them, it will state the nominal diameter of the pipe.

Is flexible PVC OK for pools?

You should use only rigid PVC pipe for the plumbing in your inground swimming pool. Even though it’s more difficult to install, it’s much stronger than flexible PVC pipe, which isn’t rated for underground use at all. Flexible PVC is easy to crush or puncture, and bugs like termites can chew through it.

Why do pools have 2 main drains?

When constructing a new swimming pool, if you are going to use a main drain it is required that you use two. This is due to safety regulations to help prevent Main Trap Entrapment. Main drain entrapment occurs when the suction is so great through a single main drain that a person can become stuck on or in the drain.

Which valve is main drain in pool?

On the bottom of the float valve there is a small teardrop-shaped flap attached to the valve with a single screw. This flap is responsible for the regulation of flow between the skimmer and the main drain. If the flap is closed, the main drain is the sale port through which the water flows out of the pool.

Should both valves be open on pool pump?

Under normal circumstances, both the skimmer and the main drain diverter valves should be open. This means, that when the filtering system is running, the pool water flow will be into both.

How far apart should pool main drains be?

three feet apart

Why does my pool have 3 main drains?

In a safe pool, there are always multiple main drains as well as several skimmer drains, so if somebody or something blocks one drain, the pumping system will pull water from one of the other drains. This eliminates the suction on the blocked drain.

Can you use Schedule 40 PVC for pools?

Schedule 40 PVC pipe is suitable for nearly all residential pool plumbing, Schedule 80 is not commonly used on pools, mainly due to its much higher cost. Schedule 80 pipe has the same outside diameter as Schedule 40, but because it’s thicker, has a 6% smaller internal diameter.

Which pipe is best for swimming pool?

PVC – Rigid PVC
PVC – Rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe is a standard for swimming pool piping, as well as many other plumbing jobs. The thickness of the wall of the pipe is known as the schedule, most commonly PVC pipe is made to schedule 40 or schedule 80.

What is the standard pool pipe size?

Inground pools are typically plumbed with either 1.5” or 2.0” PVC pipe. If you can find the markings on a pipe, and still read them, it will state the nominal diameter of the pipe.

Are skimmer and main drain connected?

A main drain is responsible for aiding in the circulation and filtration of the pool water. Having a properly working and dedicated main drain line can also allow you to fully drain your pool if necessary. Main drains on older pools are often attached to the skimmer lines back to the equipment.

What are the 2 drains at the bottom of the pool?

Is the skimmer connected to the main drain?

What position should my pool valves be set?

A normal pool valve setting would have the skimmer valve(s) fully open, main drain half-open and spa drain fully closed. To operate a suction pool cleaner or manually vacuum the pool, you can close other skimmers, or close the main drain, to obtain more suction through the skimmer you are using.

Is main drain connected to skimmer?

Main drains on older pools are often attached to the skimmer lines back to the equipment. When this configuration of the plumbing exists, a vacuum plate is necessary in order to vacuum to pool.

Can I use flexible pipe for pool plumbing?

What type of pipe is used for swimming pools?

Why are there 2 holes in the skimmer?

A skimmer is a necessary element of keeping a pool clean. The skimmer sits at the waterline and catches leaves, bugs and trash so they do not clog the filter. Skimmers with a second hole help keep the pump from running dry if the water level is unstable.

What are the 2 holes in skimmer?

There are two holes at the bottom of a pool skimmer as the first one sends water to the pool pump and the second, known as an equalizer, is there to prevent the pump from running dry should the pool level drop below the bottom of the skimmer by drawing water from the pool drain.