How do you use cheat tokens in Star Fox Adventures?

Cheat List. Star Fox Adventures cheats are unlocked by purchasing tokens for 20 scarabs when you find a secret well (the first of these can be found in Thorntail Store). Once you have a token, take it to the maze that the Stone Guard (huge guy above the waterfall) lets you play in (warp to it if you’re out of the area) …

What does cheat token do?

Cheat Token rewards range from pieces of text to some actually pretty funny things, though none of them is actually useful gameplay-wise, nor are any of them required to complete the game. Most probably a reference to Andross, the main antagonist of the Star Fox series and his ability to control the minds of others.

How do you get the Cape Claw?

Be sure to grab the Fuel Cell on your way, as well as the two near the wall at the end of your little trip. Okay, now climb back up. Make your way back to the second level, then go right and climb the ladder. Follow the tunnel to reach Cape Claw.

How do you get Scarab Bag in Starfox Adventures?

After delivering the third SpellStone, save the ThornTails from the winged creatures’ assault. They’ll reward you with the Large Scarab Bag, which ups your Scarab capacity to 200.

How do you get to LightFoot Village?

The village is only accessible through a small iron gate that can only be raised using a secret combination of hits given to three specific trees outside the village. LightFoot Village is a swampy land, built over a lake with a large, earth covered chamber in the center.

How do I get to the star claw in Cape Fox?

In Cape Claw, Fox must locate four Gold Bars that were hidden by a HighTop. However, there is a BribeClaw is blocking the path on the wooden pier to the HighTop, and Fox must pay him 25 Scarabs to be given access to the path. Once Fox returns the Gold Bars to the HighTop, he opens up a path for Fox to take.

How do you get a bigger Scarab Bag?

You’re able to get the Large Scarab Bag any time after you get the 4th Stolen Abydos Jewel.

How do I get to the volcano Forcepoint Temple?

It is located high in the mountains on Sauria, and one must travel through the Moon Mountain Pass to reach it. The two SpellStones of Fire are kept here, and absorb the magical energies that would otherwise tear the planet apart.

How do you get a large scarab bag in Sphinx?

Across from the tents is a wooden structure. Climb the rope of this structure to find the Poor Bird from Abydos at the top. Talk to him & he’ll see that you have a Parasol. Give it to him & in exchange he’ll give you the Large Scarab Bag.

Where is Moon Mountain Pass?

Moon Mountain Pass is a location on Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. It is accessible through ThornTail Hollow.