How do you solve the wind staff puzzle?

I think it was two L’s afterwards a triangle. And then an F and a triangle. You know that’s how it looks like and that’s how you solve the puzzle.

How do you upgrade the wind staff in black ops 2 zombies?

Upgrade Steps

  1. Solve Puzzle – Align the symbols. Surely the easiest of all the upgrade puzzles this one can be solved in a matter of seconds.
  2. Redirect Smoke. Leave the Crazy Place and look for the three stone balls that are billowing smoke.
  3. Align the Rings.
  4. Charge Wind Staff (Collect Souls)

How do I get the parts for the wind staff?

The staff parts can be found in the Giant Robots’ heads, each of the three robots holding one. To access the interior, the player must shoot the foot with glowing lights under it and get stepped on by it, to be sent to the robot’s head.

Which staff goes in which robot?

Once all four staves have been upgraded a stand will appear in all three Giant Robots and at the bottom of the Excavation Site. You need to put the in the Excavation Site, the Staff of Ice inside Freya, the Staff of Wind inside Oden, and the Staff of Lightning inside Thor.

How do you solve the wind puzzle in origins?

Wind Staff Code – ORIGINS Zombies – HOW TO BUILD AND UPGRADE …

Can you upgrade 2 staffs at once?

The staves are located in the hidden room at the bottom of the Excavation Site. A player can only equip one staff at a time, but multiple players can upgrade their staves at the same time.

How do I build and upgrade the wind staff?

Origins Wind Staff Build & Upgrade 2020 Guide – YouTube

How do you upgrade staves?

  1. Build the Staves. In order to upgrade a staff, all four staves must first be built.
  2. Equip a Staff. Select the staff that you would like to upgrade.
  3. Crazy Room Step. I call this step the Crazy Room Step because it is completed in that room.
  4. Element Step.
  5. Release the Orb.
  6. Charge the Staff.
  7. Equip the Staff.

How do I upgrade the wind staff?

Which robot is Odin?

Odin was a superheavyweight robot which competed in the first and final three seasons of BattleBots, as well as Las Vegas 1999 as Ricon, where it placed second overall.

How do you upgrade all staffs?

How many zombies does it take to fill chest in origins?

In order to obtain it, the player must charge up four soul chests that are located throughout the map (listed below) by killing 30 zombies near them.

Which staff goes in which head?

The Wind staff needs to be planted in the head of the robot named Odin, which is the one in the middle, and the Ice staff needs to be in the head of Freya, which is the robot to the left.

How do you upgrade all 4 staffs?

How do I get electric staff?

To obtain the Staff of Lightning, the player must gather three parts of the staff and the elemental crystal, as well as the gramophone and the correct records to access the Crazy Place and the lower levels of the Excavation Site.

Do you need all staffs to upgrade?

In order to upgrade a staff, all four staves must first be built. The rest of the steps can be done without only one staff, with all the staves, or any combination of the staves. If you are unsure of how to build the staves, follow the link below to the guide for building that staff.

How do you get free zombie blood?

Players can obtain a free Zombie Blood, once per round, unless it is raining, by shooting three flaming carts around the Excavation Site with the Staff of Ice (upgraded or not). The Zombie Blood will appear next to some scaffolding by the Pack-a-Punch Machine.

What are the 3 robots in origins?

In Origins, there are three Rieses that roam the map, and they are described as “thousand-foot-tall robot abominations.” Their names are Freya, Odin and Thor, named after three gods in the Norse mythology. In The Giant, an unfinished Riese is present in the background of the map.

What do you get for 115 headshots in origins?

115 Head Shots

Reward: Pack-a-punched assault rifle with high ammo capacity.

How do you get thunder fists?

How to Earn Thunder Fists. Thunder Fists is the one reward that the team accomplishes together. The other three rewards from the Rituals of the Ancients is based on the individual player’s accomplishments. In order to receive this reward, four chests must be filled with the “spirits” of zombies.

Can you do Origins Easter Egg solo bo2?

Please note, this Easter Egg CAN be done with 1 player but is extremely difficult because of the Rain Fire step which requires you to push the robots red button and throw the tactical airstrike within quick succession.

Do you have to build all staffs to upgrade one?

How do you get the Purple staff?

How To Build The Lightning Staff (Purple Staff) Black Ops 2 Zombies

How do I get Maxis drone?

It will no longer spawn in its station until obtained again through the easter egg. In the following step, players have to kill a pilot zombie that can be seen only in Zombie Blood. After killing it, the Maxis Drone will be dropped and can be picked up. It will then become upgraded.

What color is zombie Blood?

Zombie Blood is an insanely vibrant water soluble dye that will turn the water an intense fluorescent green. This dye can be used to colour bath bombs, bubble bars, and bath salts.