How do you read a Webasto code?

Webasto Heater Fault Codes – A Guide

  1. How Webasto Heaters Indicate A Fault.
  2. Air Top Heater Fault Codes.
  3. Webasto Digital Timer.
  4. Fault 00 (F00) – Control Unit Malfunction.
  5. Fault 01 (F01) – No Start.
  6. Fault 02 (F02) – Flame Failure.
  7. Fault 03 (F03) – Voltage.
  8. Fault 04 (F04) – Premature Flame Detection.

How do I reset my Webasto Thermo Top C?

Error Lockout Reset Thermo Top C with “Timer”

After correction of the malfunction the error lockout is reset by switching the heater off and on again. In case of overheating an error lockout reset is achieved by removing fuse F1, 20A for at least 10 seconds. The fuse is not blown in case of an overheat condition.

What is Webasto Thermo Top C?

A Webasto Thermo Top C is a high-tech (and highly welcomed) engine warmer that fits into your fuel line and keeps your engine from freezing up – all without having to idle the engine itself.

How does a Webasto coolant heater work?

Webasto Coolant Heaters circulate the machines coolant over a heat exchanger and then pumps it back through the engine and HVAC system. The result is a pre-heated engine and interior. In extreme climates, the heater can be used with additional accessories to warm the fuel, hydraulic fluid and batteries.

Where is the Webasto fuse?

The fuse for the webasto is located in the Q-birth inside the removable wood panel below your engine, parallel, and house switches. The fuse is inside a black cap located on the left attached to the wood wall.

How do I turn off my Webasto diesel heater?

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Where is the fuse on a Webasto heater?

How do you start a Webasto diesel heater?

Webasto Diesel Heater Operation – YouTube

How much fuel does a Webasto heater use?

Of course, modern Webasto parking heaters are optimized for low fuel consumption. They only require an average of 0.6 l / h at full power – that’s just 0.3 l over 30 minutes.

How do you start a Webasto heater?

Start your Webasto Heater
By turning the switch on the fuel pump begins to pump fuel from the fuel tank to the heater. Simultaneously, the unit begins to take air from the outside for combustion purposes. At this point the fuel is ignited via a glow plug. The combusted exhaust air is ejected back outside.

How do you turn on a bunk heater on Webasto?

How To: Operate Your Heater — Webasto System with SmarTemp …

Can you drive with Webasto on?

Can Webasto heaters be operated while driving? Yes! Heating while driving is allowed worldwide for all our heaters!

How do I activate Webasto?

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How do I set the temperature on my Webasto heater?

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Does Webasto drain battery?

No! Webasto heaters are equipped with an under voltage protection and shut down before critical battery conditions, so that an engine start is still secured. Motorhome heaters are anyhow usually connected to a secondary battery and do not have any impact on the engine start.

How long can you run Webasto?

The Webasto heaters can run up to 22 hours on a single gallon of fuel.

How do you work a Webasto diesel heater?

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How do you prime a Webasto diesel heater?

How to prime the fuel pump on a Chinese diesel heater – YouTube

Does a Webasto heater drain battery?

Does a Webasto heater drain the motorhome battery when running? No! Webasto heaters are equipped with an undervoltage protection and shut down before critical battery conditions, so that an engine start is still secured.

Can you drive with Webasto heater on?

Does the Webasto heater have a thermostat?

There is no thermostat unless you are using a Multicontrol. See my post here: Webasto diesel heater control question.

Can you run Webasto heater while driving?

Can I leave my diesel heater on all night?

Diesel heaters are also thermostatically controlled and safe to run while you are sleeping at night. Diesel heaters also don’t expose users to a naked flame. They use an electrical charge glow pin to initiate the combustion process, which is considered to be very safe.

How much electricity does Webasto use?

Fuel consumption is 0.18 – 0.66 l/h and the power consumption is 1.3 -10.9 amps. The heater is turned on and off by rotating the control. Just set and forget. A programmable control with an integrated clock.

How do I turn on Webasto?