How do I finish Family Matters Witcher 3?

Go into the quest menu and select the secondary quest “Ciri’s Room.” Head down stairs from the girls’ rooms and follow the line. Inspect her room to learn a little more about her stay and time with Gretka. When you finish talking to Gretka, the mission is complete.

How do you complete Family Matters Witcher 3 investigate all remaining leads?

Later in the Family Matters quest, you’ll come to a point where you must ‘investigate all remaining leads’. To resolve this, you must complete the other main quest, Ladies of the Wood, to help continue things along.

What happens if I refuse Bloody Baron?

If the player chose not to kill the Baron’s men during The Nilfgaardian Connection quest by choosing a peaceful dialogue option but aggravating the men afterwards and then fleeing the fight, this still counts as killing then for the purposes of the quest.

Can you save the baron’s wife and the children?

There’s no way to save both. Anna is punished specifically because the children got away. Saving her means leaving them where they are, most likely to have been eaten by the time Geralt returns with the Baron for Anna.

Can you save the Bloody Baron’s wife?

When the company arrives, they find her in a crazed state due to Geralt’s actions during “The Whispering Hillock.” The Baron, however, remains confident he can save his wife by taking her to a hermit in the Blue Mountains. After Tamara reluctantly agrees to let them go, The Baron takes Anna away.

Can you save the orphans of Crookback bog?

Except there’s the part where the orphans of Crookback Bog are scheduled to be killed by the Crones. If Geralt kills the Ghost, then no one will save the orphans but at least the villagers of Downwarren will be safe from the Ghost’s wrath.

How do you save the baron’s wife?

The correct doll is the one with a violet hollyhock bloom, as The Baron had mentioned previously it is Anna’s favorite flower. By choosing the correct doll, Anna is turned back into a human being.

Where can I investigate the baron’s wife?

To investigate the remaining leads about the Baron’s wife, you will need to complete theses quests ‘Hunting A Witch’, ‘Wandering In The Dark’, ‘Ladies Of The Woods’ and ‘The Whispering Hillock’.

Does the baron ever cure Anna?

Unfortunately, the curse is tied to her life, meaning even though the spell is broken, she still dies. However, Anna gets some time to say goodbye to both The Baron and her daughter.

Should you free the whispering hillock?

If you chose to free the spirit it will save the oprhans from the Crones, but the spirit will also attack the village of Downwarren, killing many. The Crones, angry that the kids were taken under Anna’s care and will turn her into a water hag.

Does it matter if the Bloody Baron dies?

The Baron Dies

For the Baron to perish after the events of “Return to Crookback Bog,” all Geralt needs to do is release the spirit in the tree during “The Whispering Hillock.” While this decision guarantees The Baron’s demise, Geralt will affect exactly how it all plays out.

Are the Crones evil?

Type of Villains
The Crones are the main antagonists of the Velen arc in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The three women, named Whispess, Weavess and Brewess, are witches living in Crookback Bog in Velen. Despite their evil nature, the people of Velen depend on them.

What happens to Anna If you free the tree spirit?

If you chose to free the spirit, the town of Downwarren will be destroyed when you return later. Later, you will not be able to save the Baron’s wife, Anna. The Baron will not survive either.

How do you save both Anna and the orphans?

Killing the Crones and freeing the spirit will save the children (and Anna). However, this comes with a price: the people of downwarren village will be slaughtered. There is no black or white outcome, you should decide between the lesser evil, following the phylosophy of the Witcher books.

Is there a way to save the baron’s wife?

Can you prevent the Barons death?

Can you save the Bloody Baron?

Should I find Tamara before talking to the baron?

The first, and arguably best, way to enter is to be sure to talk to the Baron beforehand. Talking to him before searching for Tamara will result in him giving you a doll and a letter of safe conduct. Additionally, you will unlock more dialogue with Tamara later on.

Is it possible to save Anna Witcher 3?

If you don’t want to spare the tree spirit, talk to the crones first and they will give you the task of killing it. If you kill it as per their instructions, Anna will be spared. She only gets irreversably cursed if you go against their wishes.

Is the tree evil Witcher 3?

– Tree spirit is evil in itself. It wants to slaughter an entire village and whisk away the children. We don’t have any guarantees the children will be safe with the spirit. – Since both the tree spirit and the crones are clearly evil, you at the very least get a chance to wipe out one of the two evils in the area.

Is the Bloody Baron related to Salazar Slytherin?

He was sorted into Slytherin House and was educated in the magical arts by Salazar Slytherin for the seven years that followed.

Can you save the baron’s wife Witcher 3?

Should you save Anna or the orphans?

Based on evaluation, the most optimal decision if players want to save the Downwarren villagers, the Baron, and Anna would be to kill the Ghost in the Tree. However, that opens up another can of worms for the orphans of Crookback Bog.

What happens if you free the spirit before meeting the Crones?

Freeing the tree spirit before you get the quest from the crones, just means the trigger that tells the crones you freed the spirit isn’t set. & so instead of cursing Anna (which is certain death) she goes insane for good. (just as she would if you killed the tree spirit.)

Can you save the bloody Baron’s wife?