How do I contact Dell customer care?

Dell Customer Care No. 1800 425 2067

  1. 1800 425 2067 (Customer Support)
  2. 1800-425-2070 (Pro Support)
  3. 1800 425 2057 (Call/Chat with Small Business Advisor)
  4. 1800-425-2073 (Premimum Support)
  5. 1800-425-905 (Dell Compellent and Power Vault)
  6. 1800 425 4046 (Sales & Technical Support)
  7. 1800 425 2054 (Sales & Technical Support)

How do I find my Dell Express Service Code?

On Dell laptops, the Service Tag or Express Service Code label is on the bottom panel. Certain laptops such as the Dell XPS and Precision mobile workstations have a flap covering the label.

How do I claim my Dell warranty?

And then on the product page click on warranty. All available warranty information can be found by going through And clicking on support then on warranty support services.

What is service tag in Dell?

Dell Service Tag is a 5-7 character identifier that is unique to the product. In addition to the Service Tag, there is an Express Service Code which is a 10-11 digit numeric version of the Service Tag which can be used over the telephone for call routing.

Can you call Dell support?

(800) 999-3355Dell / Technical support

Where is Dell customer number?

Your Order Number and Customer Number are sent to you in the Order Confirmation document via email after your order is processed. Please be sure to check your Spam mailbox to see if your email filters have identified the email from Dell as spam. You can find your Customer Number and Order Number online 24/7.

What is laptop service tag?

The service tag helps identify your computer for online support and drivers and is also used to reset passwords on Dell laptop computers.

What is express service?

of, concerned with, or designed for rapid transportation of people, merchandise, mail, money, etc. express delivery.

How much is Dell laptop warranty?

a 1-year warranty

Dell provides a 1-year warranty on all laptops it sells. Suppose any hardware failures are encountered during this period, it can be covered under dell laptop warranty period. In that case, the customer will get the device repaired or replaced without any extra charges through Dell Laptop Warranty period.

How long is a Dell warranty?

Dell Limited Hardware Warranty
Dell-branded hardware products purchased in the U.S. or Canada may come with a 90-day, 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, 4-year or 5-year, or other limited hardware warranty.

Is service tag a serial number?

Dell. A Dell’s serial number is called a service tag. It can be found on a sticker on the top, back, or side of your system, or underneath the battery on some laptops.

What is a computer tag number?

What Is Computer Asset Tag? Every computer or laptop manufactured by a famous vendor has its unique ID called “asset tag” or a serial number. This is a string ID containing letters, digits, and dashes. Usually, this tag is printed on a sticker and located somewhere at the back of a PC or on the bottom of a laptop.

How do I talk to Dell Support?

Contact with Sales Advisor

  1. Chat live. Get all your questions answered for Home and Business Laptops, Desktops, Servers & Electronics and more. Home:
  2. Call. Phone Support: 1-877-275-3355. Home:
  3. Email Us. Email to a Dell Expert and get response back in 24-48 hrs. Home: Email now.
  4. Chat Live on Messenger. Chat with us on Messenger.

Does Dell offer free tech support?

Telephone Technical Support
This telephone support will always be provided free of charge. Telephone support and service is provided Monday-Friday during local business hours and excludes weekends and public national holidays. Calls to Dell’s telephone technical support line are charged at local national rates.

Can we return Dell laptop?

9.2 If you are an end user customer and wish to return a product that you have directly purchased from Dell in India, we are happy to offer an exchange or refund, provided the products are returned to Dell within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery.

Does Dell offer free returns?

It’s easy, with no minimum purchase required. And if you decide something isn’t for you, just ship it back within 30 days of your invoice date for a full refund, including free return shipping. Dell will even waive the restocking fee.

What is the serial number?

Serial Numbers. A serial number (SN) is a number assigned to each individual product in order to distinguish that product from all others. The serial number is sometimes used only for warranty control and sometimes used for both warranty control and for version control.

Is express delivery fast?

Express shipping is the fastest way to send a package, but it’s not the cheapest. This is because express packages are flown by airplane for most of the journey. As a result, packages deliver within 24-72 hours. By contrast, standard shipping trucks your parcel from the sender to the recipient, taking much longer.

How many days does express delivery take?

Parcels shipped by express courier services are usually delivered in 24h-72 hours, depending on the destination. Some couriers specialise in express shipping services and even offer different delivery times within the next day, overnight and express deliveries in general.

How long is Dell warranty?

Dell-branded hardware products purchased in the U.S. or Canada may come with a 90-day, 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, 4-year, 5-year or other limited hardware warranty.

Dell Limited Hardware Warranty.

Contact Phone (Canada Only)
Individual Home Consumers, Home-Office: 1-800-847-4096

How can I replace my laptop warranty?

All you have to do is visit the manufacturer’s website, or contact the brand’s customer support to opt for an extended warranty. Alternatively, you can use a third-party service that offers extended warranties for laptops.

Is my laptop under warranty?

Fortunately, most popular laptop and desktop computer brands include a simple way to check their warranty status. Simply go to the manufacturer’s website and fill out a form on their “Check Warranty Status” page with your device’s serial number or service tag number (whatever number the manufacturer requires).

Where is Dell serial number?

A Dell’s serial number is called a service tag. It can be found on a sticker on the top, back, or side of your system, or underneath the battery on some laptops. A Dell service tag is a 7-character, alphanumeric code (ex: 4F34DG1).

How do I find my laptop tag number?

Laptops and Desktops
Type cmd in the Windows search bar at the bottom-left of the screen, then select Command Prompt from the list of results. In the Command Prompt window, type wmic bios get serialnumber and press Enter. The Service Tag (Serial Number) appears as shown in the image below.

Where is laptop asset tag?

Asset labels should be placed on the top of the laptop in the bottom left corner as pictured below. Asset label should be placed on the front of the PC between the speaker bar and monitor in the bottom left corner as pictured below.