How do I boot from CD in Windows XP Professional?

1 Answer

  1. Start your Laptop and go to BIOS by pressing DEL, F10, F12 or ESC based on the manufacturer.
  2. Set the first boot device to CD-ROM drive and second device to HDD.
  3. Insert your Windows XP disk in the drive and boot.
  4. The monitor will display a message press any key to boot from disk.

How do I burn Windows XP to a CD?

Scurry about your hard drive, locating the files and folders you want on the CD. Drag their icons into the open CD window, or onto the CD icon in the My Computer window. Highlight the files and folders you want burned onto the CD. Choose File→Copy.

How do I reinstall Windows XP SP3?

Repair Install

  1. Insert the Windows XP SP3 CD into the disc drive. Restart the computer.
  2. Press a key on the keyboard when the message “Press Any Key to Boot From CD” appears on the screen.
  3. Press “Enter” again to continue.
  4. Press “F8” to agree to the terms.
  5. Press “R” to reinstall the operating system.

How do I repair Windows XP without a CD?

Using System Restore

  1. Log in to Windows using an administrator account.
  2. Click “Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore.”
  3. Select “Restore my computer to an earlier time” and click “Next.”
  4. Choose a restore date from the calendar and select a specific restore point from the pane to the right.

How do I boot Windows XP?

Load the installer.

Once your Boot Order is set, insert the Windows XP CD into your drive and Save and Exit from the BIOS. Your computer will reboot and you will be presented with the message: Press any key to boot from CD . Press any key on your keyboard to start the Setup program.

What is the boot file for Windows XP?

The file boot. ini is a Microsoft initialization file found on the Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 2000, and Microsoft Windows XP operating systems.

Is Windows XP CD burner free?

CDBurnerXP is a free Windows XP cd burner that lets users burn files to different storage devices such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and HD-DVD effectively, making it be the top alternative to Wondershare UniConverter.

How do I wipe and reinstall Windows XP?

How to Format and Reinstall Windows XP – YouTube

Can you still download Windows XP sp3?

You can still download the Vista Service Pack update manually from Microsoft. The Windows XP Service Pack 3, however, is not available for manual download from Microsoft’s download site.

How do I fix a corrupted Windows XP?

How to Fix a Corrupt System in Windows XP – YouTube

What to do if Windows XP does not start?

  1. Verify the Computer Finishes Initial Power-Up (POST)
  2. Unplug All External Devices.
  3. Check for Specific Error Messages.
  4. Run a Computer Diagnostic.
  5. Boot the Computer into Safe Mode.
  6. Boot Last Known Good Configuration.
  7. Check for Recent Changes.
  8. Perform an In-Place Upgrade (Repair Installation) of Windows XP.

What is the boot menu key for Windows XP?

As soon as the computer restarts, you will need to act quickly—be ready. Press F8 repeatedly as soon as the computer powers on. Continue tapping this key until you see the Advanced Boot Options menu—this is the Windows XP boot menu.

How can I boot from CD?

How to boot from DVD or CD rescue media

  1. Go to your computer’s BIOS settings and confirm that the optical drive is listed first in the boot sequence.
  2. Insert the rescue boot disk into the optical drive.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Stay alert!
  5. Your computer should start using the rescue boot disk.

Where is the boot file in XP?

The boot. ini file is on the system partition at the root of the drive, usually C:\boot. ini.

How do I find my boot file?

It is located at the root of the system partition, typically c:\Boot. ini.

How can I burn CDs for free?


  1. Amazon’s Free Songs:
  2. The Live Music Archive:
  3. dig.ccmixter.
  4. The Free Music Archives.
  5. Clearbits.

How do I burn a CD?

Insert a blank disc into your CD or DVD burner. If your PC has more than one CD or DVD drive, select the drive you want to use. Search for the items in your Player Library that you want to burn to the disc, and then drag them to the list pane (on the right side of the Player Library) to create a burn list.

What key do I press to restore my computer?

Restore your computer witn the F11 key. Over time your hard drive will become fragmented, slow down and become vulnerable to viruses. Rather than reformatting your drives and restoring all your programs individually, you can reset the entire computer back to its factory settings with the F11 key.

Does Windows XP have a factory reset?

While modern versions of the Windows operating system offer built-in reset options, that is not the case with Windows XP. If you don’t have access to System Restore or have already tried and it didn’t work, you’ll need to use your XP’s bootable CD to bring the system to factory settings.

Can I download Windows XP for free?

XP is not for free; unless you take the path of software pirating as you have. You will NOT get XP free from Microsoft. In fact you will not get XP in any form from Microsoft. But they still own XP and those who pirate Microsoft software are often caught.

Why Windows XP is not installing?

Drivers for Windows XP:
You should first find out if your computer is compatible with Windows XP. A lot more modern computers are phasing out support for Windows XP. If you want to install Windows XP on it, you will need to setup a partition for it.

How do I restore my Windows XP operating system?

We recommend you update to a modern version of Windows, like Windows 10 or Windows 11.

  1. Boot From the Windows XP CD.
  2. Allow Windows XP to Begin the Setup Process.
  3. Press R to Enter Recovery Console.
  4. Choose the Windows Installation.
  5. Enter the Administrator Password.
  6. Make Necessary Changes in Recovery Console.

How do I reset a computer that won’t boot?

Since you can’t start Windows, you can run System Restore from Safe Mode:

  1. Start the PC and press the F8 key repeatedly until the Advanced Boot Options menu appears.
  2. Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Type: rstrui.exe.
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Follow the wizard instructions to choose a restore point.

How do I find my boot key?

When a computer is starting up, the user can access the Boot Menu by pressing one of several keyboard keys. Common keys for accessing the Boot Menu are Esc, F2, F10 or F12, depending on the manufacturer of the computer or motherboard.

What is F12 Boot Menu?

The F12 Boot Menu allows you to choose which device that you would like to boot the computer’s Operating System from by pressing the F12 key during the computer’s Power On Self Test, or POST process. Some notebook and netbook models have the F12 Boot Menu disabled by default.