How do I add customer reviews on WordPress?

Setting up WP Customer Reviews

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and click Plugins.
  2. Click the Add New button.
  3. Add the WP Customer Reviews plugin.
  4. Install WP Customer Reviews.
  5. Activate the plugin.
  6. Enter your email address.
  7. Enable WP Customer Reviews.
  8. Select your review format.

What is the best review plugin for WordPress?

8 Best WordPress Review Plugins of 2022: Tested And Rated

  • WP Review Pro.
  • Customer Reviews for WooCommerce.
  • Taqyeem.
  • Ultimate Blocks.
  • Schema — All In One Schema Rich Snippets.
  • WP Customer Reviews.
  • Ultimate Book Blogger.
  • WP Business Reviews.

How do I use strong testimonials plugin in WordPress?

When you activate the plugin for the first time you will see this page with a link to the getting started guide and a promo for the paid version you will also see a new testimonials.

How do you add a customer review?

10 ways to increase and improve your customer reviews

  1. Put your reviews front and center.
  2. Get on the same sites as your customers.
  3. Follow up with buyers.
  4. Ask the right questions.
  5. Contact those who leave you glowing reviews.
  6. Contact those who leave you negative reviews.
  7. Run a contest.
  8. Reward those who review.

How do I display WooCommerce product reviews on a custom page?

Adding the Shortcode

php file, we can now use the following shortcode on any page you like; [product_reviews id=”ID”] . Simply replace the text ID with the product for which you want to output your customer reviews and that is simply all there is to it!

What can WordPress review plugin do?

Reviewer WordPress Plugin
Reviewer is flexible enough that you can insert review boxes and comparison tables into your posts, pages, and custom post types based on responsive templates, or create your own from scratch.

How do you add fake reviews on WooCommerce?

► Custom review adding: WooCommerce Virtual Reviews allows you to add reviews from your back end. Product: select the product you want to add reviews. Comment: a field to type in the review comment. Review author: select the review author.

How do I create a custom testimonial plugin in WordPress?

Creating Custom Testimonials Using Plugins

  1. Step 1: Add a Rotator. You’ll want to start by installing and activating the Testimonial Rotator plugin.
  2. Step 2: Add Testimonials to Your Rotator. Next, it’s time to add your testimonials.
  3. Step 3: Display Your Testimonials.

How do I create a testimonial slider in WordPress without plugins?

So let’s take a look further and see how you can create one with Strong Testimonials within a few minutes.

  1. Step 1: Add a new testimonial. If you want to learn how to show testimonials in WordPress, this tutorial is specially made for you.
  2. Step 2: Create a view.
  3. Step 3: Display your testimonial slider.

What are the two most popular review sites?

The list of the top 10 best review sites

  • Google online reviews. Average monthly US traffic (Alexa): 158.03 million.
  • Amazon online reviews.
  • Facebook online reviews.
  • Yelp online reviews.
  • TripAdvisor online reviews.
  • Better Business Bureau online reviews.
  • Yellowpages online reviews.
  • Manta online reviews.

How do you ask for a 5 star rating?

How to ask customers for reviews

  1. In person.
  2. Over the phone (or via text)
  3. Through your website (ideally, a reviews page)
  4. Via email (email blast, personal email, company email, email signatures)
  5. Via social media (direct message or post)
  6. Via thank you pages.
  7. On receipts/invoices.
  8. More.

How do I view reviews on WooCommerce?

To complete this task, go to WooCommerce > Settings in the dashboard. Select the Products tab. Scroll down to the Enable reviews field and check the box to turn on the product reviews.

Is WooCommerce legit?

WooCommerce is one of the more secure open-source software solutions that you can use for your e-commerce store.

Is WooCommerce any good?

WooCommerce is the most popular and arguably best ecommerce plugin for WordPress, and its integration provides great SEO for ecommerce websites. Because it is open source, it offers limitless customizations. Using WordPress with WooCommerce means you’ll have the support of the robust open source community.

How do you write a review of a website example?

How to Write a Review of a Website

  • Different from a Product Review. As a blogger, I’ve been approached to write dozens of product reviews.
  • Tips for Writing a Website Review. Screenshots.
  • Website Features to Discuss. Overall.
  • How to Deal With Negatives.
  • Ignore.
  • Spin.
  • Get Feedback.
  • Nix the Project.

How do I rate a product in WooCommerce?

Go to the product page on


  1. Be about the product you purchased and/or support you received.
  2. Provide an explanation of the rating.
  3. Be longer than 10 words.
  4. Not be a link or advertisement for third-party products or services,
  5. Not be a “Support Request”.
  6. Not be just a feature request.

How do I create a dynamic testimonial in WordPress?

Let’s start by adding an image block for the author’s image. Select Yes for use a Dynamic Source, since we need the image to be displayed dynamically to match the author of the testimonial.
Show the testimonials on the front end

  1. Author’s Image (3)
  2. Testimonial Content (4)
  3. Author’s Name, Position, and Company (5)

How do I create a custom testimonial?

How to Create Testimonials using Elementor Addons in WordPress

How do I create a review slider in WordPress?

WP Review Slider

  1. Easily connect to our Facebook app with a couple of button clicks.
  2. Click the Retrieve Reviews button to download all your Facebook reviews and ratings in to your WordPress Database.
  3. Create a review template and then past the template shortcode in Post, Page, or text widget.

What is the most used review site?

Facebook Ratings and Reviews
With more than 2.7 billion monthly visitors, it is the largest social network in the world, and it’s also in the top 10 highest used websites for global internet engagement.

Which review site is best?

The list of the top 10 business review sites

  • Google reviews. Average monthly US traffic (Alexa): 158.03 million.
  • Amazon reviews. Average monthly US traffic (Alexa): 85.44 million.
  • Facebook reviews.
  • Yelp reviews.
  • TripAdvisor reviews.
  • Better Business Bureau reviews.
  • Yellowpages reviews.
  • Manta reviews.

How do you politely ask for rating?

Keep your message short and simple. Avoid unnecessary questions or phrases that your customers are unlikely to understand. If you would like them to review your business on a specific website, say so explicitly and provide clear instructions on how to do it. If you’re going to ask for a rating, ask right away.

How do you ask customers for reviews examples?

Feedback request template example
A good example of a customer review request email would be something like: Good day [Client’s Name]! How was your experience with [Company Name]’s [products/services]? We are always happy to get feedback from our valued customers so that we can continue to improve our service.

How do I add bulk reviews in WooCommerce?

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Products and make sure Enable product reviews is checked: You can also choose other product review settings like enabling star ratings or whether a reviewer is required to have purchased the product before reviewing.

What are the disadvantages of WooCommerce?

Disadvantages of Using WooCommerce

  • It’s WordPress Specific. WooCommerce is still a plugin; hence you cannot use it in sites that WordPress doesn’t host.
  • It has Many Expenses. While it’s free to download and install WooCommerce itself, some extensions might require payment so your site can operate at optimum capacity.