How can I find out who a phone number is registered to?

Whitepages is one of the most established online services to find people and phone numbers in the US. Use this website to do a reverse lookup for North American landline and mobile numbers. Just enter the number in the Phone search field and hit Enter.

What are 900 numbers used for?

“900” numbers are called “pay-per-call” services because you are charged for the call itself, and information or service provided. Charges are determined by the respective company—not the government or telephone companies—and are often costlier than regular long-distance rates.

How much does a 900 number cost?

But instead of offering it for free alongside poorly-performing ads, 900 numbers supported content creators. A typical call cost $1.99 for the first minute, and 99 cents for each additional minute. The average call length was three and a half minutes.

Which network is 0901 in Nigeria?

Airtel Nigeria
Mobile phone network prefixes

Prefix Network
0901 Airtel Nigeria
0902 Airtel Nigeria
0903 MTN Nigeria
0904 Airtel Nigeria

Can you Google search a phone number?

Just enter a person’s name and a city, state, or zip code in the standard web search box. You can also enter a phone number to find the person’s name and address. Then hit the ENTER key or click the Search button.

Is there a free way to lookup a phone number?

One site that dependably performs a free and trustworthy reverse phone lookup is the simply named Phone Lookup. To use the site, simply enter the full 10-digit phone number you want to perform a reverse search on and click Search.

Why is a 900 number calling me?

You may be offered a product, service, or travel package in exchange for your call, but do not trust these schemes. In recent years, 1-900 telephone numbers, in which the caller pays a fee per minute, have been used by scammers to charge telephone bills without the caller realizing.

Is 0901 a premium rate number?

Numbers starting with 0900, 0901 and 0906 are premium rate numbers. Dialers (computer programs) are banned from these lines.

How can I earn money by receiving calls?

A startup by IIT Delhi Alumni, PayTunes, has launched a service which will surprise you for sure. This service pays you with cash rewards on every incoming call. Divya Pratap, Rakesh Sehgal, Gaurav Tiwari, Gaurav Tiwari and Amit Naredi are behind this innovation.

Is 0901 an MTN number?

Note that ECONET was the first GSM network provider in Nigeria and it was launched on the 6th of September, 2001.


Prefixes Mobile Operator

Is 0901 an Airtel number?

A telecommunications firm, Airtel Nigeria, has announced a new number range, 0901, in line with its vision to empower more people as well as create opportunities for more Nigerians to succeed.

How can I lookup a phone number for free?


  1. FastPeopleSearch- Seriously free reverse phone lookup.
  2. Numlooker – Easiest reverse phone number lookup tool.
  3. CocoFinder – Best free reverse phone lookup tool.
  4. Instant Checkmate – Most affordable phone number lookup tool.
  5. TruthFinder – Most accurate reverse phone number lookup tool.

How can I get details of a mobile number? is the best mobile number information provider in India, which provides SIM Type, Phone number, Address, State, Last Search history, Caller name in few seconds. Best Mobile number Tracker in India is, which is used to trace the mobile phone number location in India.

Is there a 100% free reverse phone lookup?

1. Instant CheckMate. Instant CheckMate is an excellent free reverse phone number lookup service that comes with an extensive search database that is linked to every conceivable public database and state agency.

Are 900 numbers spam?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the most common scams run through 1-900 numbers are job services, real estate information, prize contests and “gold” credit cards. A consumer who gets caught in a 1-900 scam should write to the phone company immediately.

How can I check if a number is spam? You can use this free service for checking if your DID number is tagged as spam, as well as for reporting spam calls. To check your phone number, go to, enter the needed number in the search bar, and click the search icon.

How much do 0901 calls cost?

The caller pays up to 100p/minute to call you on a 09 number supplied by 08UK (if they are calling from a UK landline), 0901 is 50p/minute, 0906 is 100p/minute. As the user of the 09 premium number you receive a call revenue per minute when you receive calls, based on monthly call volumes.

How do I know if a number is premium?

0870, 0871, 0872 and 0873 – business rate numbers

These numbers are ‘premium rate’, which means they usually cost more to call than other numbers. This is because the cost is made up of: a service charge, which is up to 13p a minute – this goes to whoever you’re calling.

How can I earn money online?

How to make money online

  1. Pick up freelance work online.
  2. Test websites and apps.
  3. Pick up tasks on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.
  4. Take surveys for money.
  5. 5. Make money from your blog as an affiliate.
  6. Sell your wares on Etsy.
  7. Get advertising revenue from your blog or YouTube channel.
  8. Become an Instagram influencer.

How do I set up a pay per call number?

How to Set Up a Pay Per Call 800 Number

  1. Set up an account to obtain your pay-per-call funds. Go to a bank and set up a business account where you can deposit your monthly pay-per-call revenue.
  2. Find the provider with whom you want to work.
  3. Contact the company you choose directly.

How do I identify MTN numbers?

*123*1*1# – your MTN number will be shown on your screen. *663# – you will see the phone number on the display.

How do you identify an Airtel number?

Open the phone dialer app and dial this USSD code: *282# and click on the call button. On your mobile phone screen, you will see a flash message displayed containing your airtel number which says, “Hi, Your Mobile no. is: xxxxxxxxxx” Do not forget to note down your mobile number.

How can you find the owner of a phone number?

Type your number in (123) 456-7890 format into the Google search bar. You might also type owner or user after the phone number.
Go to in your computer’s web browser.

  1. Type a 10-digit phone number into the text box.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Review the results.

How can I track a phone number for free?

Part 1: How to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free (Android)

  1. Google Map. Google map is a web-based location tracker.
  2. Find My Device. Find My Device is another Google app to track a cell phone location for free.
  3. AirDroid Free Cell Phone Location Tracker.
  4. Mobile Number Tracker.
  5. Mobile Tracker.
  6. Where’s My Droid.

Can I track location by mobile number?

The short answer is yes, and you can track a phone’s location by number. You need a reverse phone lookup service. However, there are some limitations to such services. Reverse phone lookup services can only show you a general area location – which isn’t always accurate either.