Do women play shinty?

Women are playing and involved in shinty in a number of ways. There are: 20 clubs and 36 teams playing competitively across 6 leagues, including international games played against Irish camogie (female version of hurling) teams.

What does a shinty stick look like?

The ball is played using a caman, which is a stick of about 3+1⁄2 feet (1.1 m) long with two slanted faces and the head, which is wedge shaped (a triangular cross section), must be able to pass through a ring two and a half inches (6.4 cm) in diameter. Unlike the Irish camán, it has no blade.

What is the difference between hurling and shinty?

Shinty is a more direct, no-frills sort of sport than the game of modern hurling where possession has become king. The objective of the shinty players is generally to strike the ball as quickly, directly, and as long as possible until they get into the scoring range.

How many players are in a shinty team?

12 players

In men’s shinty there are 12 players in each team – one of whom is always the goalkeeper. In women’s shinty and in some competitions for children and young people, there are fewer players in the team and the pitch dimensions are smaller.

Is shinty pitch bigger than football pitch?

Although some developmental competitions for children and young people take place indoors, or outdoors on artificial surfaces, shinty is primarily an outdoor sport played on a natural grass surface. The playing area is much larger than for other outdoor team sports such football (soccer), rugby or field hockey.

How big is a shinty ball?

around 7.5-8 inches
The shinty ball consists of a cork core covered with two pieces of leather that are stitched together. These balls have a circumference of around 7.5-8 inches and weigh between 2.5-3 ounces.

What wood is a shinty stick made from?

Rather than being made from one piece of wood, the majority of modern shinty sticks are now made from thin strips of wood, usually hickory, laminated together with adhesive.

Is shinty rough?

It is a game of the Highlands. A rough, athletic, trying sport – a particularly Scottish pastime. Shinty has similarities to ice hockey, hockey, and hurling.

What is a shinty stick called?

While comparisons are often made with field hockey, the two games have several important differences. In shinty, a player is allowed to play the ball in the air and is allowed to use both sides of the stick, called a caman, which is wooden and slanted on both sides.

What is the oldest sport in Scotland?

Curling, like shinty, is a native sport to Scotland and can be traced back to medieval times, with the world’s oldest curling stone (in the collection of the Stirling Smith Museum) dating from 1511.

How heavy is a shinty ball?

The ball is 7–8 in. (17.7–20.32 cm) in circumference and weighs 2.5–3 oz (70–85 g). There is no offside rule, but an attacking player may not precede the ball into a marked 10-yd (9.1-m) semicircular area in front of the goal.

What is the stick called in shinty?

In shinty, a player is allowed to play the ball in the air and is allowed to use both sides of the stick, called a caman, which is wooden and slanted on both sides.

What is shinty called in Ireland?

shinty, also called shinny, or shinney, Gaelic camanachd, game played outdoors with sticks and a small, hard ball in which two opposing teams attempt to hit the ball through their opponents’ goal (hail); it is similar to the Irish game of hurling and to field hockey.

How long does a game of shinty last?

Teams consist of 12 players (10 in the women’s game), including a goalkeeper and matches are played over two 45-minute halves. The main objective is to score more goals than the other team by hitting the ball through the goalposts with the caman.