Can I leave my car parked at Tijuana airport?

Parking space at Tijuana Airport is provided at two locations i.e. in Building E of the Main Terminal and at the Old Airport Terminal. There are two types of long term parking services at the airport – covered parking and uncovered parking. The former will cost you $16/day while the latter costs $12/day.

How much is the CBX shuttle?

Our rates start at $15 usd per day, but we offer you many more options, with 3 different parking areas, reservation system, and valet parking. If you are looking for a closer proximity to the terminal, the Premium option is the closest to the gate, for only $25 usd.

Where does the CBX shuttle go?

CBX provides its passengers with frequent shuttle bus transfers to and from San Ysidro, San Diego, and Los Angeles. The shuttle fare for a ride from CBX to San Ysidro is $6, and the shuttles run to the San Ysidro bus station. The airport transfer from CBX to San Diego operates to and from downtown and costs $11.

Where do you park when flying out of Tijuana?

If you have a booked flight out of Tijuana airport, you can park in one of the Cross Border Xpress lots. Parking here costs from $15-$20 per day depending on which lot you use. Reserved parking is available for $25 per day and valet parking is available for $30 per day.

Where do you park before going to Tijuana?

For the best and safest place to park your car, go to Border Station Parking #(1) on the map at 4570 Camino de la Plaza (619-428-9477). To get there take the last exit before crossing the border from the freeway. The signs are clearly marked on the freeway announcing U.S. Last Exit Parking.

Do I need a car permit to go to Tijuana?

Vehicle permits are not required to drive the entire Baja peninsula or Rocky Point. Vehicle permits are required if you travel outside of Baja, outside the border zones (generally further than 16 miles from the border) or outside the permit-free zones of Sonora.

Can Uber drop you off at CBX?

You absolutely 100% can get dropped off by Uber. They’re just not allowed to pick up, because the private venture that runs CBX contracted with Lyft.

How long does it take to walk across CBX?

approximately 15 to 30 minutes

How long is the average walking time over the CBX bridge? On average, crossing times are approximately 15 to 30 minutes depending on the user’s speed and travel season.

How much is a taxi from CBX to San Diego airport?

$80 – $100
What is the fastest way to get from San Diego Airport (SAN) to Cross Border Express, San Diego? The quickest way to get from San Diego Airport (SAN) to Cross Border Express, San Diego is to taxi which costs $80 – $100 and takes 26 min.

Can I go through CBX without a passport?

Yes, everyone who enters Mexico through CBX needs a valid passport (card or book), including infants (minors under 2 years old).

Is it safe to drive to Tijuana airport?

There is no safety risk here. If you decide to cross the border at the big Tijuana crossing then take a taxi to the airport, you will have to travel through the city. While Tijuana is a dangerous city, statistically, this trip is low risk. From the border, you can catch a taxi or Uber directly to the airport.

What’s the best time to cross the border at Tijuana?

morning 4:am to 6:am
The best time to cross from Tijuana to San Diego is the early morning 4:am to 6:am. If you’re the early bird, you’ll get the worm, or the tacos in this case. Try to get to San Ysidro at 4 a.m. to begin the process. The other times to avoid, if possible, would be weekends and holidays.

How much cash can you bring into Mexico?

People who reside in the border region with the United States can enter Mexico with up to 150 dollars in merchandise in their luggage, without paying taxes, when traveling by road. As for money, travelers can enter and leave Mexico with a maximum of 10 thousand dollars or its equivalent in another currency.

Can I go to Tijuana with just my driver’s license?

U.S. citizens must present a valid U.S. passport book or card, in addition to an entry permit (Forma Migratoria Multiple or FMM) issued by Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM). Travelers should be sure to enter Mexico with valid proof of automobile registration, even if remaining in the border zone.

What documents do I need to use CBX?

United States Nationals: Passport (book or card) Boarding pass. CBX ticket.

You may only use the bridge within 24 hours of your flight departure

  1. Passport, INE credential, birth certificate, consular card or Mexican nationality certificate.
  2. Boarding pass.
  3. CBX ticket.

How early should I get to CBX before my flight?

2 to 3 hours
We recommend all passengers arrive 2 to 3 hours in advance just like at any other airport. The CBX bridge is 390ft, times vary…but the average person gets to their boarding gate in 30-40 minutes. Have a safe trip!

How early should you arrive to Tijuana Airport?

Anticipate your arrival at the airport
When you arrive at the airport, you must check in your baggage at least 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights. In order to avoid any issues, review the weight specifications for your checked baggage.

Can I Uber from Tijuana to San Diego?

Riders can travel to Tijuana, Mexico, from San Diego in “one seamless and hassle-free” trip, Uber wrote on its website. The trip isn’t cheap though. The ride through the newly launched UberPassport can cost $100 from downtown San Diego to Tijuana International Airport, for example.

Does the CBX connect to San Diego airport?

Learn more about CBX, the bridge that connects the Tijuana International Airport with San Diego.

What documents do you need to cross the CBX?

You will need a boarding pass, a CBX ticket and official valid travel documents.

  • Passport.
  • Visa.
  • I-94 permit (If you travel more than 25 miles from the border or your stay is longer than 30 days) Pre-pay it here and expedite your crossing through CBX.
  • Boarding pass.
  • CBX ticket.

How early should I get to Tijuana Airport?

Is Uber safe in Tijuana?

Luckily, the violence against Uber drivers has subsided. These days, it’s safe to use Uber in Tijuana. In fact, I’d argue that taking an Uber is safer than a taxi. The reason is that you have a lower likelihood of getting scammed or robbed because Uber has the driver’s info and can track them down if a crime happens.

Is it better to drive or walk to Tijuana?

Generally driving to the border, parking in one of the border lots, and walking across is the fastest way to get to Tijuana. You can usually drive from Downtown San Diego to San Ysidro in less than half an hour.

Do I need a passport to walk into Tijuana?

What can you not bring into Mexico?

Items Not Allowed in Mexico:

  • Guns or ammunition.
  • Pepper spray.
  • Lethal knives and machetes (anything over 8” is not allowed)
  • Live predator fish.
  • Totoaba fish (fresh or frozen)
  • Turtle eggs.
  • Poppy seeds or flour of poppy seeds.
  • Marijuana, medicinal marijuana, marijuana products, marijuana seeds or spores, or marijuana extracts.