Are Woods mowers made by Grasshopper?

The Grasshopper Company is headquartered in Moundridge, Kansas, United States. The company manufactures commercial & residential mowers, snow removal equipment, and ground care equipment.

How fast does a Altoz mower go?

Two engine options, all built to save you time and money. A top speed of 19 mph leaves other mowers in its wake. While heat-dissipating aluminum deck spindle housings deliver extreme strength and durability.

Where are Altoz mowers made?

Minnesota Roots

Headquartered in Greenbush, Minnesota. More than 250 Employees. 300,000 sq ft manufacturing facility.

Where are spartan mowers made?

Batesville, Arkansas
Unlike several of our competitors, Spartan Mowers has experienced exponential growth over the past year. Some of this is certainly due to the quality and performance of our zero-turns; however, some growth is simply due to the fact that our products ARE made in the USA – right here in Batesville, Arkansas.

What company owns Grasshopper mowers?

Moridge Manufacturing
Moridge Manufacturing, the parent company of The Grasshopper Company, was presented with a 2018 Family Business Award from the Wichita Business Journal at a dinner/award ceremony in Wichita on Jan.

Are Grasshopper mowers made in the USA?

Grasshopper Mowers: Made In America for 48 Years and Counting | Grasshopper Mower.

Can you put tracks on a zero turn mower?

A zero-turn mower with tracks can be a great option on totally flat terrain. A zero-turn mower with tracks is designed to easily turn without repositioning the machine itself.

Does Spartan make a stand on mower?

The King of the Grass, brand new in 2021, combines all the best features of a zero-turn with a stand-on unit to work better, faster, smoother and is more comfortable with its sit-behind seat.


Engine Name Kawasaki FT-730
Horsepower 24HP
Fuel Capacity 12gal

Who bought out Dixie Chopper?

Alamo Group Inc.
SEGUIN, Texas — Alamo Group Inc. (NYSE: ALG) announces that it has acquired the assets of the Dixie Chopper business from Textron Outdoor Power Equipment Inc., a subsidiary of Textron Inc. Dixie Chopper manufactures a wide range of commercial and high end residential mowing equipment.

Is Gravely still in business?

Gravely was purchased by AriensCo located in Brillion, Wisconsin, in 1982. Today the Gravely brand operates as the commercial lawn division of AriensCo and its products continue to be sold exclusively through its dealer network.

Did Spartan Mowers sell out to Toro?

The Toro Company Acquires Intimidator Group, Manufacturer of Spartan Mowers. BLOOMINGTON, Minn.

Does Toro own Spartan Mowers?

The Toro Co. has acquired Intimidator Group, based in Batesville, Ark. The Intimidator Group designs and manufactures Spartan Mowers, a professional line of zero-turn mowers. The company also designs and manufactures a line of powerful and versatile side-by-side utility vehicles.

Where are badboy mowers made?

Bad Boy Mowers Manufacturing Plants
Bad Boy Inc. has one manufacturing plant located in Batesville, Arkansas. The facility measures over a million sq.

What mower does the White House use?

Grasshopper Model
A Grasshopper Model 727T-EFI FrontMount mower was on display outside the Rose Garden along with 49 other products from all 50 states. Grasshopper mowers have been used by White House groundskeepers since 2003 for mowing, leaf collection and snow removal.

How steep of a hill can a zero turn mower cut?

fifteen degrees
But, like all riding lawn mowers, there is a risk of tipping over when tackling particularly steep slopes. Because of this, it’s recommended that zero-turn mowers are only used on slopes of less than fifteen degrees. Still, if you operate your zero turn correctly, you can mow most hills safely.

Can Zero Turn Mowers tip over?

Zero-Turn Mowers
While the zero-turn radius of the mower itself allows for easier steering, mowing at a very steep angle can put the operator at risk. If the incline is too great, the machine may tip or fall over. This can injure the operator or anyone working nearby.

Is Spartan a good mower?

While some companies recommend an oil change every 50-100 hours, Spartan Mowers are head and shoulders above their competitors. All mowers come with GT Trac incline traction, a vibration control deck system, easy touch brakes, and an ergonomic cockpit – all sporting the new, improved Smart-Ride technology package.

Do Spartan mowers have baggers?

Bagger options for Spartan Mowers. – YouTube

Who has the fastest zero-turn mower?

March 7, 2006 The Dixie Chopper Xtreme is the world’s fastest lawnmower. It has a 990cc 33-hp engine with the capability to mow grass at 15mph.

What engine does Dixie Chopper use?

In celebration of Dixie Chopper’s 25th anniversary, the crew from television’s American Choppers builds the famous Dixie Bike using a 1000cc Generac lawn mower engine.

Does Husqvarna own Gravely?

What engine does Gravely use?

Ariens and Gravely managers talk with reporters last week about the equipment the manufacturers will be bringing to GIE+EXPO this month, including the Gravely mowers powered by Yamaha’s new engines. Gravely Pro-Turn ZTR mowers equipped with a Yamaha EFI engine start at a list price of $11,899.

Who bought badboy mowers?

The Sterling Group
In 2019, Bad Boy obtained a $205 million, six-year term loan B (L+575, 1% floor) in connection with the company’s buyout by The Sterling Group.
Bad Boy Mowers completes $250M term loan B; terms.

Borrower Bad Boy Mowers
UoP Refinancing
Spread L+450 (25 bps step-down tied to secured net leverage)
Libor floor 0.75%
Price 99.75

How much did Toro pay for Spartan Mowers?

$400 million
The purchase price of the group was $400 million, which was paid with a combination of cash on hand and short-term borrowings under the company’s existing revolving credit facility.

Did Spartan get bought out?

Toro Acquires Intimidator and Spartan: The Financials
Toro has spent $400 million to purchase the Intimidator Group. This was paid with a combination of cash on hand and short-term borrowings under the company’s existing revolving credit facility. The purchase has already received customary regulatory approvals.